LEADING THE FIELD in zero waste

There was no better occasion to implement Zero Waste event practices than at the Chicago Community Climate Forum, a gathering civic leaders and engaged residents, on the eve of the first North American Climate Summit. As Sue looked on, the Climate Forum’s comprehensive, community-focused climate dialogue, celebration and commitment was demonstrated by inspirational speakers, engaging environmental organizations, locally sourced cheeses and straightforward Eco Stations. Bright Beat was thrilled to partner with The Field Museum to showcase stories of innovation and resiliency, our event sustainability system and the finest Eco Educators around, in an effort to not only achieve Zero Waste, but host an environmentally responsible event.

In order to guide event partners on a zero waste protocol, Bright Beat first needed to identify and engage ALL event partners. From facility team members and event planners, to chefs and bartenders, to Eco Educators and porters, each and every team member’s participation was key in executing a successful zero waste strategy, and… they crushed it! The teams demonstrated their willingness and capacity to step up to the plate and attain these standards. Strong and accurate advanced communication prepared us to responsibly manage each item generated in event production. Repurposing educational signage from elsewhere in The Field, and mobilizing knowledgeable Eco Educators maximized engagement. 

All components came together beautifully, for streamlined success. 

This event exhibited that zero waste is possible, and with guidance, these Chicago partners can too become zero waste experts!

For the Field Museum’s recap, read their blog post,
No Napkin Left Behind: Why Zero Waste Matters.

Other Examples of Zero Waste Events
Bright Beat has also spearheaded the achievement of Zero Waste at HopStop Craft Beer Festival and MLS All-Star Game Pep Rally, and brought Zero Waste ‘cheers’ to Goose Island Block Party and New Belgium’s Chicago editions of Tour de Fat and Clips Beer & Film Tour.

Make Your Event Zero Waste
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