About Us


Bright Beat is driven by passion and purpose. Climate-conscious and business-minded, we’ve been rallying the troops and achieving positive change for 10 years… and having a ton of fun doing it.


Stephanie Katsaros

A social entrepreneur, thought leader and business strategist, Stephanie founded Bright Beat in 2010 to activate environmental stewardship and social responsibility across sectors and up the value chain. 

Fueled by a genuine appreciation and understanding of global cultures, opportunities, and needs

Stephanie’s leadership in the creation of engaging and effective programs with diverse stakeholders – cities and festivals, brands and bands, corporations and non-profits, recyclers and resin makers – continues to influence policy, inspire community legacy projects, and raise the bar on responsible event production.


As a respected media and marketing executive, she enjoyed over twelve years representing CBS (Entercom) and Clear Channel (iHeartMedia) radio properties, websites and events, building strategic partnerships, creating innovative sponsorships, and promoting quality music, artists, events and causes. Her interviews with countless renowned musicians may still be heard in the Backstage archives of some of Chicago’s most legendary venues and across radio, TV, print and digital outlets.


Though her baby keeps her stateside more than usual, Stephanie’s fourteen+ month journey around the world – from Tanzania to Mozambique, Greece to Laos, India to Argentina – exploring, volunteering, and working her way across twenty-eight countries, continues to fuel a genuine appreciation and understanding of global cultures, opportunities, and needs.

Katie Friedman

Katie is an experienced socially- and environmentally-conscious changemaker, working with businesses and building community to impact broad sustainability achievements.

Katie brings her passion for supporting sustainable communities to Bright Beat and its partners.  As a Greenest Region Corps member working in the City of Highland Park and an Advisor at the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus, she gained a deep appreciation for the value and impact of local action and regional collaboration in creating and inspiring positive change. In the 5 years prior to her work with local governments, Katie was a facilitator and Board member of the ECOLE Project in Montreal, QC, a sustainability non-profit fostering and supporting a culture of sustainability at McGill University and the surrounding Montreal community. Skilled at helping identify assets and connecting stakeholders across disciplines in pursuit of common goals, Katie is a welcomed addition to the Bright Beat team.

In off hours, Katie enjoys singing, teaching and traveling, including recent visits to Mexico and Zimbabwe.    

The Team

Specialists, Associates and Eco Educators round out the expertise and engagement Bright Beat brings to every project. 

Stephanie Katsaros interviewed on WTTW about her approach to Low Waste living.