Plastic Pollution Coalition @ Bonnaroo


Wayne Coyne and ELEL at Bonnaroo 2013 (Photo: Brandise Danesewich)

We are always excited to share stories about other organizations FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT… and happy when we see Rolling Stone helping to get the word out!

We met Dianna Cohen and the crew at Plastic Pollution Coalition at Bonnaroo 2013.  Their efforts to reduce the use of plastic bottles and cups at the fest were expanded in 2014, as fans saved $1 off each beer they refilled in their reusable stainless steel collectors cup.  Think about how many beers the 80,000+ bonnarovians drink each year…. and just look how happy it made Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne!

It’s all about championing something you believe in… and finding partners who also BELIEVE.  Let’s get more venues and events on board!!