Park at Rosemont: US EPA Award Winners... Again!

Bright Beat helped build sustainability into the policies and infrastructure of MB Financial Park at Rosemont when it opened in 2012, broadening the impact of the “Green For A Reason” program launched at Allstate Arena in 2010… and the awards kept rolling in. The US EPA announced that MB Financial Park won the US EPA Food Recovery Challenge 2015 Narrative Award for Leadership (a national award!!) I guess they liked Bright Beat’s overview of the program and its impact. Park tenants, and others interested in food recovery programs, appreciated our work on the production of We Compost videos featuring Adobe Gila’s, Hofbrauhaus and Toby Keith’s. MB Park’s 2015 sustainability strategy helped 1,000 employees and 1.6 million visitors keep food recovery and waste diversion top of mind and properly executed, resulting in the recovery of more than 150 tons of organics. Congratulations to everyone involved!