Farm Aid 30: A Legacy of Sustainability


As Neil Young told the crowd at Farm Aid’s morning press event,

Climate change comes from the ground up. It’s in the soil. We are destroying the soil, that’s where the carbon belongs. It doesn’t belong in the sky. All this unsustainable farming is ruining the planet. We have to turn it around and get back.”

An outspoken rocker telling it like it is – I love Neil! You can click here to see highlights of all the great performances at Farm Aid’s 30th Anniversary concert in Chicago (don’t miss Rain on the Scarecrow). We were honored to partner with Farm Aid to assess and support their zero waste efforts, and highlight resources and initiatives in social and agricultural sustainability. Only time will tell if the expanded recycling, composting and local food purchasing continues at the venue – a worthwhile goal of the program in addition to expanding everyone’s awareness of the vital connection between farming, food, nutrition and soil. But one thing’s for sure – everyone at the show (was) ROCKED.