Mofro is classic… and ON FIRE


**WARNING:  If you are easily offended by Barbie dolls in provocative positions, you should NOT click the above music video link.  If you dig da FUNK, and want to laugh your ass off at the goofiest/funniest video I may have ever seen…. CHECK IT OUT.
I have been a Mofro fan forever.  They are technically called “JJ Grey & Mofro” now, in respect to the back-porch swamp soul singer, JJ, who has fronted the band for over a decade.  His vocal style is raw, gripping and passionate.  And what a lyricist… I was happy to find the lyrics to all of their albums on his website.  If you haven’t given them a listen or caught them live before, I highly recommend sinking into some old soul with the first album, Blackwater. Then, get swampy with Lochloosa. You can take it from there… after a few songs, I’m certain you’ll be feeling that Florida heat and tastin’ them hush puppies & grits.