Event Sustainability

Improving operations while sharing knowledge of -and passion for- the environment and sustainable living for alll, we make impact tangible... and personal.

Inspiring Change

Events big and small possess the opportunity to minimize their environmental footprint, maximize positive social impact, and foster consciousness in the community while teaching the HOWs & WHYs of resource management. Be it at a multi-day music festival, in an ongoing community engagement program, or on display at corporate offices and events, Bright Beat inspires action, not just intention. Those actions – taken by event organizers, attendees, business owners, staff, and all the awesome folks we encounter in our work – are what keep us inspired.

Since 2009, Bright Beat has led the development, implementation and assessment of Event Sustainability programs at some of the biggest festivals, concerts, stadiums and venues in the country. We work hand in hand with our partners to integrate environmental efficiencies and engage stakeholders on all levels. Sustainability is culture, and society has caught on to the fact that sustainability + equity = a brighter future FOR ALL.










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Eco Education

Education is a top priority of Bright Beat. From sharing radical recycling facts, promoting the virtues of composting, demystifying food rescue, and keeping clothing and e-waste out of the landfill, Bright Beat has the resource recovery domain covered. Our impact extends well beyond the bins, promoting low-waste lifestyle tips, encouraging energy-saving pledgesoffering tree saplings for adoption, and providing alternative + active transportation resources. Our Eco Education programming is tailored to align with event communication goals and resonate with that audience.

Eco Educators enjoy some of the best events and festivals in Chicago and beyond, while doing their part for the environment. Bright Beat looks for passionate and outgoing team members to inspire and educate the community on environmental conservation best practices. Participants are trained and geared up, while receiving hands-on experience in resource recovery, public engagement and community outreach!

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Pro Diversity Policy

Bright Beat is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate against anyone based on race, color, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, identification, age, disability or veteran status.

A one minute musical journey + highlight reel of Green Music Fest’s award-winning sustainability program!

Click to enjoy Dumpstaphunk + Bright Beat Eco Educators in action.  Put it in the DUMPSTER, Y’ALL!